Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Calm, Cool, and Cozy Master Bedroom

So my room is done.  Well, as done as it's going to get for now.  I love the grey paint on the walls!  Especially since it is not mauve.  With three big windows, the rooms gets a lot of light!  Which is not always a good thing.  It gets hot in there!

I know the picture above the bed is way too husband wouldn't let me hang it any lower.  And I really needed something big on that side of the room to balance the wardrobe side of the room.  Don't mind the wonky blind...That one doesn't keep its strings in place very well, and I need to fix it again.

Things I love about this room:

  • calm, cool grey walls
  • lace curtains that soften the stark rectangles of the windows
  • the wardrobe
  • the white matelasse bedspread and our wedding quilt (folded over so you can only see the back...the blue and yellow front seemed really bright and busy once I added the curtains. Once I'm used to the curtains, I'll unfold it again.  It really is beautiful.)
  • the jewelry holder, made by my father-in-law and painted by me.
  • the sign hand-painted by my childhood best friend (it's a little funny because I've always preferred rain to sun).

Things this room still needs:
  • a real bed frame and headboard.
  • a taller nightstand for my husband's side.  He disagrees and says he likes the one he has.
  • maybe a few throw pillows (also something he would disagree with!) but only if I really love them.
  • a full-length mirror (there's really no good wall space to put it on, and I've had no luck so far getting it to stay on the bathroom door)

My handsome father always looked his best in nature.  I love this picture of him.
PS: So, the story behind that Chicago Blackhawks suncatcher is this:  For Christmas in 2009, my husband's Nan, always eager to support her grandsons' love of hockey, gave him the suncatcher.  He promptly hung it in the window.  I rolled my eyes at it and let him have his fun, intending to take it down in a few days.  It didn't quite mesh with my farmhouse-styled vision of home.  But I forgot.  I'm not kidding when I say that those big south-facing windows get hot!  Even in mid-winter, it can be boiling in there with the blinds open.  So we leave them closed a lot.  And so I forgot about that silly suncatcher for a few months.  By the time I remembered it again, Chicago was actually winning!  I decided I didn't want to jinx the team, so I figured I'd take down the suncatcher when they started losing.  Then, miracle of miracles, they actually won the Stanley Cup after 41 years!  That summer, when we had the air conditioner in that window (so the blinds were permanently half-opened and didn't get touched for about 4 months), I forgot again.  Every time I think about taking that thing down, Chicago has another winning streak.  It's crazy how superstitious a good Christian girl who doesn't believe in luck can be.

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