Friday, 8 November 2013

Don't Judge a Neutral

Guess what?  My walls are NOT mauve!  I think it was just a trick of the light while the existing yellow paint was still in the room.  The yellow must have been accentuating whatever there was of its complementary colour in the paint.  As soon as the first coat was complete, covering all the yellow, any purpley tones disappeared.  Whew!  So my lesson is to never judge a neutral beside anything but white.

I'm so excited to finish this room!  I have not decorated my own bedroom since I was thirteen years old (and that was complete with a horse-themed wallpaper border, stenciled leaves, and floral bed-in-a-bag sets from Sears).

But before then, my husband has requested that I also paint the walk-in-closet.  I haven't been painting closets in this house, but because we moved one of the wire racks, and added a second, there are quite a few big screw/drywall anchor holes in the walls.

So I've cleared out the closet.  I'm not sure my husband realised exactly how much clothing he had in there.  I have one 18-inch wide section for my dressy clothes, and he has two 4-foot wide racks for his (granted, he hangs almost everything, and I have almost all of the storage space in the wardrobe).  Painting or not, it was high time to give that closet a thorough spring cleaning.

So I'm hoping he'll take charge of supper tonight, so I don't have to clean up until  I'm done.  Now I just need to figure out how to get the wire shelves off the wall so I don't have to contort around them to paint.  Wish me luck!

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