Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mudroom Update

November 2013

We got our first big snowfall this weekend, and as I was doing the final seasonal switch in the back entry, I realized that I have never shared any lived-in pictures of our mudroom.  It has been two years now, and I am so glad we built it (and so glad my husband was in charge of the structural engineering.  My design would not have worked.)

If I were to do it over again, I'd probably remove the shelves in the shoe section, and just use baskets instead.  That said, my kids are now at appropriate ages to be responsible for putting their own shoes away each time.  But over the past two years, the back entry could get a little chaotic with an explosion of shoes and stuff.

Sepbember 2011
The white paint is not so fresh, and quite a bit banged up.  But that's to be expected in a house with a 4-year-old tornado.  I'm due to spend an afternoon with a Magic Eraser, and then it will look much better.  All the wood does need a fresh coat or two of paint, and some kind of poly or something to help protect it.  But that can wait.  This week I finally started painting our bedroom.

It was surprisingly hard to find bins that would work.  I bought and returned several over the course of a few months.  Finally I found these grey ones at Walmart, which are perfect for holding gloves and hats and sunglasses and soccer socks and baseball gloves, etc.  There is usually also an imperfecly-proportioned wicker basket on the top shelf, to hold less-frequently-used items.  I guess I hadn't finished putting winter stuff in it when I decided to take these pictures.

What do you love or hate about your current entry way, mudroom, whatever you have?  I'm always gleaning ideas to implement in my pie-in-the-sky custom-built dream house.

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