Thursday, 21 November 2013

What are you NOT doing for Christmas?

The Nester posted her annual Do LESS for Christmas / Dayspring giveaway post.  People tend to do way too much for the holidays and end up so stressed out they can't enjoy anything.  So do fewer things better.  Learn to say no to extra things so that you can say yes to family and faith and friends and the Christmas spirit.

My Not List (not to be confused with a Naughty List):

  • Not sending Christmas cards
  • Not making cute/fancy gift tags that no one appreciates anyway. A sharpie will do.  Or maybe a pack of Avery labels and a snowflake stamp (plus the sharpie).
  • Not stressing, in spite of:
  • Not seriously starting shopping or other Christmas stuff until my November 30 editing deadline passes. (although I’m sure cyber Monday will be the real kick off for me.)
  • Not doing a ton of baking.

What are you not doing this year?

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