Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Boxing Mama

On Friday, I showed you my weakness, so I thought today I'd show you where I'm gaining strength.

About mid-November, when my boot-camp was about to end, I began thinking about what I wanted to do after.  I didn't want to just do nothing.  I had to keep the momentum going and stay active.  I knew it had to be something more than once per week too.  While once per week was good, and my endurance was improving, my overall fitness wasn't really affected.  There were too many days of couch-potato living from Monday night to Monday night.

Initially, I planned to take a couple of classes with the city's rec centres.  Twice per week would be good.  But I was a bit reluctant to be out of the house two evenings in a week.  And childcare at the rec centres would essentially double the cost of each class, if it was even offered at the time I needed it.

Then I remembered 30 Minute Hit.  My friend had mentioned it on Facebook once, months ago, and then I saw their booth at the Women's Show I went to in September.  The person manning the booth mentioned off-hand that many women bring their kids.  The workout is a kickboxing/boxing/self-defense circuit that takes exactly 30 minutes.  While my son can be crazy at times, I thought he could be good for 30 minutes at the kids' table provided at the gym.  So, after calculating and comparing the cost to the rec centre classes, I decided to go for it.  I joined at the beginning of December, and it has been the most fun I've ever had exercising.  I decided that if I was going to do this, I needed to make it an inviolable part of my schedule.  So every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the same time, I go, unless I have a very important reason (like Christmas, or the worst migraine of my life).

I did the free trial first, with my friend for moral support, and after that I was a little concerned that I'd get bored with the circuit.  But I haven't had a chance to get bored!  Unlike regular gyms, you don't workout anonymously.  The trainers know my name, cheer me on, and challenge me.  Even when I haven't been for a week.  They don't let me slack off!  And since I'm a very competitive couch potato, I will do anything they tell me to do.  Sit ups? Yes ma'am! Burpees? I'll die, but I'll do it anyway.  Double-time? Sure!

I love the fact that I'm actually learning a skill, too.  I've had countless nightmares involving the necessity of fighting, and always it's like I'm moving in slow motion.  And even in waking hours, I've always "known" that I wouldn't be able to defend myself.  If I try to imagine punching anyone, I can't fathom that there would be any power behind it.  But I'm starting to change those thoughts.

I wasn't sure what to expect of myself, physically.  Since having children, certain muscles just aren't working like they used to.  But I quickly noticed improvements.  First in my endurance, then in my balance (roundhouse kicks, double-time anyone?), and now I can feel that my punches are much stronger (don't get in the way of my right hook!), and my legs have way more definition than they ever have before.

My kids think I'm really cool with my boxing gloves, especially when I "punch that guy again" (the man-shaped punching bag).

And my easily-offended eleven-year-old self would like to tell a certain Jonathan B. (the brother of a friend) that these scrawny wrists are good for something after all!  He told me once that my wrists were too skinny to learn the roping that was being demonstrated at a home-school event.  Honestly, the cowgirl demonstrating probably has skinnier wrists than I do now.

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