Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cleaning: It's all or nothing around here

9:30 AM - I suddenly decided that I needed my living room to make sense again.  The Christmas decor is gone, and it feels empty, and yet at the same time too full.  The furniture, having somehow lost their rubber feet, were never in the right place on our slippery laminate floor.  So I threw in an overdue load of laundry, and began moving every single thing possible out of the room.  Never mind that I have work to do! Columns to edit!  Bathrooms to clean!  Articles to write!  The chaos in my house was keeping me from being focused on any of that.

I'm not going to need to access my kitchen at all today, right?
9:45 AM - My living room is just about as empty as I can make it.  The dust bunny colonies have been unearthed, and dozens of lost little toys have been found.  Now what?

10:00 AM - I ask as I sweep, "What is the purpose of this room?"  The answers: family, rest, haven.  I was going to add "play", but I think, with the open concept tiny house, play is best kept to the playroom in the basement, for the most part.

10:35 AM - Oh yeah...I should probably have some breakfast.

10:45 AM - We interrupt this program to bring you a 15 minute bathroom cleaning challenge from a dear friend.  Set your timer...GO!  Even though I was already deep in the middle of the living room mess, I said yes to the challenge when my friend called.  In 15 minutes, I was able to get the entire half-bathroom clean, like on hands and knees scrubbing the grout clean.

If you're going to clean, you may as well CLEAN, right?
11:30 AM - Another interruption.  I need to go to the library and to the grocery store.  I've been putting off grocery shopping because I was waiting for the 15% off day.  Which was yesterday, and I didn't go because I spent 2 hours in the medi-centre instead.  So our food stores are quite low.  Maybe I'll make it to the sale day next month.  In the meantime, I'll do my best to shop the sales.

1:24 PM - Back home and a little overwhelmed by the mess I've made.  4-year-old N is playing ball-hockey in the empty living room while I put away the groceries.  I ask him, "Do you want a sandwich?"
   He answers, "Yeah. Wif just da dark red stuff on it."
   "You mean jam?"
   "Yes.  Why do dey call it jam?"
   Why do they, indeed?

And this is how you move heavy furniture without help on a scratch-prone floor.
1:40 PM - Oh yeah...wasn't I doing laundry?  That first load is still in the washer.  So I put in a second load.  And discover all the dish towels, washed and dried, that have been chilling in the dryer for the last two days.  I don't have time to fold these!  They can wait 'til the living room is no longer in the kitchen.  I feel like I haven't accomplished anything yet, and I have to go pick up my daughter in an hour or so.  Really though, I've done more today than I usually manage on a week day.  But I haven't gotten any editing done.

4:00 PM - I wish I had a bigger rug that I liked.  What can I sell so that I can get one?  Oh, and a plug in the middle of the floor (or at least a 3-prong extension cord).

4:40 PM - It's getting dark...I should probably put the curtains back up.  And what's for supper?  Who's doing laundry?

5:00 PM - As it stands now, the living room is in order, and the kitchen is a mess.  A frozen lasagna is in the oven.  My husband gets home in half an hour.  Can I get everything done? Tune in next time . . .

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