Thursday, 9 January 2014

Not Afraid to Mix It Up

The sun is out!  Quick, take some pictures! Oh no, the battery is dead after four pictures.  I did manage to revive the battery later to get some more pictures before the clouds returned.  And the later pictures actually have a softer light than the glare of the first few.

So my husband isn't exactly thrilled about the new furniture arrangement in the living room.  I think turning his desk around was a bit too drastic of a change.  We'll live with it for a while and see how it goes.  I LOVE the fact that I can't see under the desk from most of the room.  Ideally, I'd like to turn the desk parallel to the sofa, giving us a bit more room back there.  But I don't have the right kind of extension cord.

My goal for this room was to give it better flow.  There was so much wasted floor space before, or at least it seemed that way after we took the Christmas tree down.  I also wanted to try to improve the look of the desk area, which I think I accomplished.  I tried to make the argument that we should move the computer out of this room, but wasn't very convincing.  With two children in 1200 sq ft, there are only so many places it could have gone.  I also wanted to allow better views out my windows.  When you have full-length windows, it's a pity to permanently put a huge desk and a couch in front of them.

And, at the very least, the room is clean: floors swept and washed, even under the furniture, windows clean, curtains no longer falling off the rods.  Speaking of the curtains, I really want to replace them. And the rug  Something with colour and/or a graphic pattern.  I made the curtains when the living room was still red, yellow, and brown.

The one thing I did not accomplish with this shuffle is finding a permanent home for my laptap and work papers.  I don't have many work-related things, but what I do have constantly gets shuffled from pile to pile around the kitchen.  So I'll have to address that when I do the same deep-cleaning in there.

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