Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Formerly-Black Desk... now pale grey and lightly distressed (instead of distressing, with its former cigarette smell).  I used homemade chalk paint, mixing paint I had on hand: the white from the stairwell, the dark grey-brown from the bathroom, and a bit of the blue from my son's furniture (to counteract the brownness of the grey) mixed with plaster of paris.

I used my homemade furniture wax that I made for the kitchen dresser makeover, and it worked perfectly.  Better than last time, since I didn't put too much on this time.  Unfortunately, the lovely beeswax smell it once had has now faded.  But it still smells so much better than the commercial wax I've used before.

And I'm thrilled that my free desk got a free makeover!  Not like my son's dresser, which cost me $20, but then I spent $60 for paint and hardware (worth the cost, but more than I was expecting).

I'll post better pictures once I have the laundry room cleaned up and decluttered (and maybe drywalled?  Please, honey?)  This is now my sewing desk.

cigarette smoke removal, homemade chalk paint, desk

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