Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dealing with Necessary Clutter

I love the idea of spring cleaning.  Every house needs that annual clearing out of dust and cobwebs and stale air, whether it is done all at once in a week-long fury of cleaning, or gradually over a couple of months.  I've never successfully accomplished a full spring cleaning.  This year, I'm feeling an urgency to Get Rid Of Stuff.  I've been doing this regularly over the past two years, but now I'm bothered by the necessary clutter.  This is the stuff that we need and use all the time, but it becomes clutter because it doesn't have a home.  And why don't these things have homes?  Because the less necessary stuff, the things we use only occasionally, are so nicely organised and put away and taking up all the space.  So my goal, as I clear out each area of my house for my months-long 2014 spring cleaning (that I have already started), is to decide what things are always used, what things are sometimes used, and what things are never used.

The first category will get the prime storage spots.  Instead of living in piles on my kitchen counter, or the turn of the staircase, or strewn across the computer desk (do you "store" things on your stairs too?).

The second category will get the less-accessible storage spots, like the hard-to-reach corner cupboard or a box or bin in the basement storage area.

The third category will be sold via kijiji, consignment stores, or community swap groups.  Or donated.  I plan to be ruthless with this.  Wish me luck!

When do you start spring cleaning?

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