Thursday, 13 February 2014


7:00 PM - My pillow cradles my pounding head as I squeeze my eyes shut and will the medication to kick in.  Thoughts drift.  In the distance I hear the soft clatter of dishes being washed, and the chatter of two kids happy to spend time with Daddy.  The crunch of footsteps in the snow outside and the deep rumble of my love's voice as he coaches my girl through piano practice and tears of frustration.  She wants to be perfect. The first time.

8:00 PM - A whisper wakes me. "Mom, I'm ready for you to pray with me."  Ok. I turn toward her, the sheets tangling my legs.  Holding her hand, I whisper the same prayer I've been praying every night since she was tiny and I was desperate for her to sleep so I could rest.  I squeeze her hand and she scampers off to bed.  Next my brown-eyed boy pops up next to me. "G'night mom."  Goodnight Nicky.  I ask him for a kiss and he obliges, his face sopping wet from brushing his teeth.  I wipe my face and drift away again 'til morning.

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