Thursday, 20 February 2014

Relearning Contentment - Three Pretty Things

I've been struggling with being content with my home.  We just renewed our mortgage, so we're stuck here for a little while.  Additionally, the price we could sell our house for, five years after buying it, isn't much more than what we paid for it, in spite of building a super-expensive fence, and adding landscaping, etc.  So its discouraging, and my dream of one day living on an acreage couldn't seem farther away.

But I know that the little acts of service one does for a house are what make you love it.  The other day I looked around my house and challenged myself to point out and photograph three pretty things.  I need to stop looking at the flaws, and start seeing the beauty.  Two different people have told me recently how lovely my house is.  I tend to forget that it has changed a lot since we moved into a banana five years ago.  And it is pretty.  And peaceful (when the kids aren't bowling and/or jumping rope through the length of the house).

So here are a few of my pretty things.  Post in the comments about the first pretty thing you see in your house.

Someone interrupted my quest for pretty.  LOOK at those eyelashes!

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