Saturday, 15 February 2014

Who are You in Literature?

I know there are dozens of online quizzes to test which literary character you are  most like.  But I find they're never really accurate.  Have you ever truly thought about who you are most like, among your favourite books?  When I was little, I wanted to be like Anne of Green Gables.  Then I grew up and realised that I actually really am!  Unfortunately, I'm not so much like the refined, elegant, grown-up Anne.  I'm most like the 11-year-old impetuous, dreamy, forgetful, emotional Anne.  Although I've never yet drowned a mouse in the pudding sauce.

But I'm an Anne who didn't marry a Gilbert.  Instead, I married Mr. Darcy.  We seem to make a good match.

I don't know if the original Anne would have suited the original Mr. Darcy.  What do you think?  Who are you in literature?

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