Monday, 31 March 2014

New Sponsor: Katya Valera Jewelry

I'm pleased to announce a new sponsor. Kacie of Katya Valera makes gorgeous jewelry, and I'll let her tell you a bit about it:
"I began Katya Valera, my handmade jewelry business, while shopping online for bridesmaid jewelry just over two years ago. I saw so many pieces featuring the loveliest polymer clay roses, researched the style, realized I could make them myself, and jumped right in making and selling in my Etsy shop. "My jewelry quickly branched into more than just clay pieces, and I now offer an eclectic collection of jewelry, from minimalist pendant necklaces to statement bibs to dainty filigree bracelets. Yet all my pieces have a vintage-bohemian feel to them no matter their design, something I can never get away from regardless of how my taste changes or my skills evolve over time. I’m an old soul, and I can’t help reflecting that in my jewelry. "When I’m not making, planning, or thinking about my jewelry (not sure when that is), I’m busy working to improve my health naturally, as I live with chronic illnesses that keep me home most of the time. My jewelry not only helps keep my mind off those problems but gives me a way to add some happiness to the world even from my own little world of health issues."
Check out the etsy shop, and Kacie's blog.

A few of my favourites from the shop:

blush pink rose necklace
long red and silver bohemian necklace
dark purple bohemian bib necklace

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