Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Steeped Tea with Sherisse - New Sponsor and Giveaway

You may remember, if you've been reading for the past couple of years, that my friend Sherisse and I hosted a spring tea party.  It was so much fun!  We went a bit over-the-top with the delicious food (made by Sherisse) and the decorations, and even made feathered fascinators for the guests to wear.  At that time, we used grocery store teas that Sherisse skillfully picked out (I recall a blackberry tea in particular that was delicious), since we didn't yet know about Steeped Tea.  So you can see that she has enjoyed tea for a long time.

I am thrilled to introduce Sherisse as my newest sponsor! Check out her new ad in the sidebar—better yet, click on it to check out her website.
Steeped Tea is a homegrown Canadian company that was started from a love for tea and wanting to share it with others. It offers high quality loose-leaf teas and accessories. The main philosophy of Steeped Tea is "It's who you share it with . . ."
Sherisse White is an independent consultant with Steeped Tea and loves to share high quailty and amazing tea with those around her. The best way to share tea is to have a tea party. Invite friends and family for a casual time of conversation and discovering new tastes.  Sherisse will set up a party for you and all you have to do is invite friends over and you will even get free teas and accessories. If you would rather not have a tea party but want to try new teas you can view the catalogue and order straight from her website.  Like her facebook page for tea tips, sales, and specials.
When Sherisse started selling Steeped Tea, I went to her launch party and got to taste several teas, as well as cookies and a dip made with tea-based ingredients.  Of course, being the sometimes-ditz that I am, I forgot my wallet at home that night!  But I did host a party a few weeks later at my house.  What I love about Steeped Tea is that—unlike other home party companies—you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to buy something.  Additionally, it's something you run out of, so you are free to host another party or participate in a fundraiser to restock.  I mean, honestly, there are only so many $50 measuring cups you can fit in your kitchen!  But tea...well, I've got almost a whole cupboard for my tea.

And lucky you!  Sherisse is offering a giveaway for my Canadian readers.  The prize consists of a beautiful mug, sliding heart steeper, a bag of Sweet Pineapple Sencha Green Tea (50g), and a bag of Earl Grey de la Creme (50g).

I must say, Earl Grey de la Creme is my favourite.  

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  1. My favourite tea memory takes place at my grandparents home in NS. During my teen years their home was a haven for me. You could visit their home ANY day at 10am, and there would be a pot of tea on. My Grandpa would steep it 3 minutes, and he always put the milk in the cup first. Precious memories!!

  2. My favorite tea memory... hmmm... probably actually drinking english breakfast tea in england while visiting my brother while he was studying overseas. Every time I taste or smell it now I am taken right back!

  3. One of my favorite teas is Earl Grey. And I have the dorkiest reason for starting to drink it... Being huge Star Trek fans, one day my parents and I decided to find out what all the fuss was over "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." (Thanks Captain Picard.) We've all loved it ever since.

  4. One of my favorite tea memories was when I was still working and our awesome boss would bring in tea and cookies/candies almost every afternoon, and sit and chat for a bit.

  5. Let's see whether this thing will let me comment today!

    My favorite tea-related memory is of a time when I didn't get any! Some friends and I were at Denny's for breakfast late one night (isn't that the best time for pancakes?). I didn't feel like spending the money for tea (all of $2), so ordered hot water instead, with the intention of making milk tea. My friends were appalled! One young man was so embarrassed by my actions that he ordered tea himself - then slid it across the table to me when it arrived! Now I carry my own tea bags for when I feel like being a cheapskate. Funny thing - the fact that I am now drinking tea instead of hot water doesn't seem to make my friends any less embarrassed... ;-)

  6. Favorite tea memory... My college roommate and I are both of highly imaginative, Romantic sensibilities... perfectly suited to each other. One spring day we packed a tea picnic and sat out under a cherry tree in full bloom, drinking Irish breakfast tea, and eating jelly beans. Its the small things in life. ;)

  7. My fave tea is Red Velvet. Just discovered it recently!


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