Monday, 28 April 2014

A Knitter Learns to Crochet

I've been having trouble with work motivation lately (Lately? Or always.).  I decided I needed some off-computer reward for getting my daily quota done.  I've been wanting to learn how to crochet, thanks to a cute striped blanket that Natural Mommie posted on Instagram.  So I bought some of my favourite chunky wool yarn and an appropriately-sized hook.  I told myself that I would not start until I was caught up in my schedule, and finished my quota for the week.  It has been an excellent way to motivate myself!  Instead of allowing myself to browse the internet after my work was done, this is something that gets me off the computer, and the I can sit in a comfy chair to do, or even on the front porch now that it's finally warming up out there.

Learn to Crochet:
Step 1: Create a Pinterest board titled "Crochet."  Pin things.
Step 2: Figure out how to make the right kind of slipknot.
Step 3: How do you hold this thing? Which hand holds what?
Step 4: Finally learn how to do a chain stitch.  I've always known how to do one with my fingers, but could never figure out how to do one with a hook.  It may have been that my older sister wouldn't share her crochet hook when we were kids...
Step 5: Go from thinking, "Ok, my stitches are really wonky," to "Ooh, look how straight and even these stitches look!  Continue until, "Ok, I think this is long enough for the blanket I want to make."
Step 6: Visit Pinterest board and watch a few videos about how to double crochet.  I already learned this stitch once from my sister, but once the one granny square I did was complete, I promptly forgot it.  She also taught me a ruffly stitch that I used to edge my first knitted project that took me five years to complete.  I've forgotten that stitch too, of course.  That's what I like about knitting; there are basically only two things you do: knit and purl.  Unless you want to get fancy with cables and lace.


That's as far as I got yesterday.  Now, I must get my work done before I pick it up again!  Editing, laundry, etc: Here I come!

Do you crochet?  If so, please share your favourite tips and patterns!  And I'd love to know what motivates you.

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