Saturday, 5 April 2014

I love Instagram

Twitter is fun.  Facebook is great. And I love Pinterest. But really, where I feel most at home in this crazy social-media world, is Instagram (and I just don't have time for anything else).  Honestly, I should have some kind of visually-focussed job.  I should be a photographer or a designer rather than a word-crafter.  When I want to share, a picture is what I default to.

Even in this season of stress and deadlines that I've been going through, where I just crave some sort of normalcy but can't seem to grasp it, when I feel like blogging would just be sharing my depressing chaos, I can still manage to find a bit of beauty in life to share.  All it takes is one picture, even when I'm hiding from the rest of the world.

great-grandma's buttons

makeshift windowseat


family day skating

because sequins and leopard print just go


first ride of 2014. goal: no training wheels this year!

she pulled them out herself

because what else would you do when you meet a bear?

waiting for daddy to finish skiing

maligne canyon

can't wait to start reading 

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