Wednesday, 16 April 2014

On the Lookout For...

You know how I was selling things in my house, and stashing the money away to save for other household things?  Well, I kind of got derailed when moving my mom and dealing with some other things and catching up with work.  But I'm starting to feel like I can handle getting back on track with that again.  With all my mom's stuff in my house, it is even more important that I clear out my excess clutter.  Before, I was thisclose to having my basement laundry room decluttered and spacious and functional, with a lovely new free desk for my sewing machine.  Now the room is a big pile of junk again.  It's amazing how quickly that can happen!

Unfortunately for me, with my work deadlines, I'm not really able to spend time down there dealing with that mess right now.  But what I can do right now is declutter the main floor a little.  One item at a time.  If I don't love it, I will list it.  Even if it's only one thing per day, I may as well get a move on.  And the bonus of doing this so slowly, instead of listing huge batches of stuff, is that I don't have to have a place to store the piles of stuff for sale.  The one thing I listed today (Neighbourhood-based Facebook buy and sell groups are the best!), is already pending pick up.

I've already bought a few things with my household stash.  Like my caned velvet chair.  I love that chair.  So does my daughter.  She sits there to read or useher rainbow loom.  And I have a few other things in the back of my mind that I want to keep an eye out for.  But It's probably about time I make a formal list.  With one rule: If it isn't exactly what I need, and/or I don't love it, I won't buy it.  So here's what I'm looking for:

  1. 6x9 to 10x13 natural fiber rug.  Jute or wool, in neutral colours (maybe with some blues and greens, depending on the pattern and style).  I've found a few I like, but they're either too small (5'x8' won't work much better than the $20 4'x6' I'm currently using), or too expensive and/or I'm not 100% sure it's what I want.  I have a really hard time committing to fabric-type furnishings.  Rugs, curtains, lamps, upholstery...I'm clueless.
  2. White/Off-white dishes.  I can't wait 'til the day I can get rid of our ugly grey Ikea dishes and our ugly rainbow Walmart dishes.  I even asked my husband if I could get rid of them already.  We have enough pretty dishes to be able to serve a meal for our family of four.  But he vetoed that idea.
  3. Dining room light fixture for $25 or less.  I want a 5 or 6 arm wrought-iron candelabra, as simple as curly-ques or shades or dangly bits.
  4. Drum-style lampshades that will fit my lamps.  As in, not too wide or too short.  In a neutral colour.
  5. Antique wooden wall shelves, furniture, or boxes/crates.
  6. Curtains.  No idea what I want them to look like.  But I want them lighter and more farmhouse-worthy than the red, tan, and brown striped curtains I made several years ago.  Like maybe unbleached linen.  The problem with something lighter is that the south- and west-facing windows make the house ridiculously hot in the summer, so I need something lined.  Maybe I'll make some black-out roman shades for the living room like I did for our bedroom upstairs.
  7. King-size headboard and bed frame.
  8. King-size 100% linen bed sheets.
  9. Chalk paint and soft wax.  I have a few things that need painting, that I don't trust latex paint for, like my mom's cane-back chair.

For my inspiration, I've recently found a blog that perfectly embodies the style I'm aiming for.  Of course, her home is an 1867 farmhouse, while mine is a 2007 suburban duplex.  So I'll have to work a little harder for the farmhouse vibe.  If only I was allowed to paint the cabinets...

What's on your list?


  1. I like the idea of having a list of specific things you want. That appeals to the methodical side of my brain, it's just figuring out what exactly to put on the list that I struggle with!

    1. This list is just the stuff I know I want/need. It is rather open-ended though, leaving me the option to get things that I love as long as they fit the look or function I need. I absolutely love having my stash of pin-money so I don't have to either feel guilty for buying something that isn't strictly necessary or ask my husband (the breadwinner) for permission. I missed out on an absolutely gorgeous carved solid-wood desk for $20 one time because he didn't think we needed it. I still regret (or resent) it. Having my little stash prevents that.


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