Saturday, 31 May 2014

What I Learned in May

I'm joining Emily of Chatting at the Sky to share what I learned in the month of May.

1. I want a Mayday tree in my yard one day.  Oh, the heavenly fragrance!

2. Thirty-one years old isn't so bad.  I'm officially in my thirties now.  My birthday was ridiculously busy, due to piano lessons and soccer, but it followed a great long weekend, and was a great day anyway.

3. I have a grey hair.  I think.  I don't care.  My caramel-ish hair has so many colours in it already that one more doesn't make a difference.  I'll just call it "faded blonde".

4. I can make it to the end of a long contract without spending the last two weeks in panic mode.  To be perfectly honest, I did have several episodes of panic during the contract over the last three months, but by the long weekend I was all caught up, and even finished several days early.  Without cramming every evening.  I was still able to enjoy my life.  It was great!  My next contract period will be even better, I'm sure of it.  And it doesn't start 'til September.

5. I miss my blog when I don't post for three weeks!  I have so many half-formed post ideas, but the thought of sitting at the computer to pound them out was exhausting.  I had a bit of computer-fatigue, due to editing I guess.  I just didn't want to be at the computer any more than I had to.

6. Crochet.  My blanket is now 2/3 finished.  And since my contract is done, I can curl up with it spread over my knees while I watch a show (or a thunderstorm on the front porch) and crochet to my heart's content!

PS: I'm hosting a Steeped Tea party on June 13.  If you know me personally and want to come, let me know!  If you're in Canada and you're interested in buying some quality loose teas and cute accessories, you can order from my party here.

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