Monday, 16 June 2014

I Am a Scavenger

I am a scavenger.  I love finding treasures in unconventional places.  Like behind a liquor store. Or in a thrift store.  Or on Kijiji (like Craigsist). Or in a dumpster (a first for me!).  Or second-hand from family members (like my farmhouse table, and my wardrobe, and most recently, my son's double bed).

I have a tendency to see the potential in something.  My mom has the same tendency.  She always kept everything, especially if it could possibly be used for a future craft or project.

I could never walk into a furniture store to furnish an entire room.  I need to collect things over time instead.

While I am always thrilled with my treasures, and proud of my successful projects, and I like how my home looks most of the time (when I look past the piles of laundry or the dirty floors).   I prefer distressed wooden furniture to whatever sleek and shiny piece can be found at The Brick. My furniture is mismatched, second-hand, and probably all wrong for the space.

But I do sometimes feel like others won't understand why I have a rustic painted wooden plate-rack-thing sitting on my windowsill, or a beat-up old cupboard by my front door.   I wonder if they see us as a charity case, as in, "Well, we don't want this old thing, but give it to Joanna...she'll take anything!"  I know that friends and family aren't actually thinking that, but sometimes I get a feeling that we're not normal.

Oh well.  As much as I don't want to be seen as odd, I also have an unexplained aversion to doing what everyone else does (which is one reason I have steadfastly refused to put a stick-figure family on my minivan).

So, are you a scavenger too?

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