Saturday, 21 June 2014

Teacher Gift - Be Awesome Today Sign

My default teacher gift is a Starbucks gift card.  Every teacher deserves a treat, especially at the end of the school year!  But this year I came across a different idea.  Tara Michelle Interiors makes these "be awesome today" signs.  My daughter's teacher says "awesome" a lot, and my girl has started doing the same.  It's adorable.  So I ordered a small version.  I think it's 16 inches long.  Yes, I could have made it myself.  But I don't like to diy other people's ideas.  Especially small business owners.  Besides, I figured Tara's version would look a lot better than what I would do (since I'd have to either paint the letters or cut vinyl by hand).  I was right.  The paint job is perfect, and the lettering is so crisp.  The price was definitely worth it.

In fact, I liked the idea so much that I ordered two.  One for the teacher (grey) and one for my daughter (turquoise).  I like that the signs are sturdy enough to stand on a shelf without leaning on something, yet light enough to be hung on the wall anywhere (although I have yet to figure out the best way to do so...I'll have to ask Tara what she recommends).

Only four more school days 'til summer break!  Which will be awesome.  ( . . . and then my baby starts kindergarten . . . sob!)

PS: Happy first day of summer!  It is a super windy day out at the lake today.

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