Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rainbow Magic Fairies Birthday Party

My girl turns 7 this Saturday.  I love to see her personality develop.  This year in grade one she really learned to love reading, thanks to the Rainbow Magic Fairies series of books that she discovered just after Christmas.  Before, she was easily frustrated with her reading, and didn't want to even try because she hates making mistakes.  Then she bought two beginner fairies books with a gift card and loved them.  The next thing I knew, she found more fairy books at her school library and began bringing one home each week.  Suddenly she was easily reading these grade three-ish level books!  One morning she told me she stayed up until three am reading.  Oops.  There's no way I can scold her for that...I did the same thing!  But I did stress the importance of sleep, so now I tell her how many minutes or pages she can read in bed before she has to go to sleep.

Of course, with her new obsession with these books (and there are 200+ books to get through, so she's set for awhile), we had to have a Rainbow Magic Fairies themed birthday party!  So that happened on Monday.  Instead of goody bags full of candy and little toys, each guest got to take home a book instead.

We made the invitations right on the Rainbow Magic Fairies website.  My daughter designed a fairy to look like each girl, then I just wrote on the party details.  I made rainbow-hued envelopes from my mom's paper stash, as suggested by my creative girl.

As the guests arrived, I set them to work making fairy wands.  In the books, pretty much every other one is centered around Jack Frost and his goblins stealing a fairy's wand or something like that.  So the wands are very important!  I made an example, and just tossed bits of girly paper scraps into a tray, along with glue sticks, washi tape, ribbons, and pipecleaners.  They all said they don't know how to draw stars, so I pulled out a few cookie cutters for them to trace around and they shared the three pairs of kid-friendly scissors we have.

Throughout the party, the birthday girl would grab her sign and ask, "What do we need to do?"  Her friends would yell back, "Be awesome today!"

After wand making, I had the girls write fairy stories.  Using a couple of the books to borrow ideas and sentences from, I patched together a short fill-in-the-blanks story for them to do.  I left blank lines at the end for them to come up with their own endings.  I'll say it was intentional because I wanted to foster their creativity (but really, I just ran out of ideas).  I was so impressed with the fun things they wrote!  Treasure hunts and art fairs and birthday parties! Goblins and mice and cats!  They are a creative bunch of girls.  They were so proud of their stories.  I helped the two five year olds with the printing, but the 6 and 7 year olds worked completely on their own.

During snack time, the braver girls read their stories out loud.  One girl was so excited to read her story she asked, "Can I be next? My story is REALLY good!"  I just love that confidence.

I'm not very good at frosting cupcakes, so I've discovered a little trick to disguise that fact.  Just dip the icing in sprinkles! Or coconut, or maybe chopped nuts . . .

Snack: Cupcakes, popcorn, jelly beans, and fruit with dip made from greek yogurt and nutella.

Our last activity was a fairy photo booth.  I hung a white sheet up using the curtain clips.  I wish my curtains hadn't shown through as much, but if I had taken them down first, the sun would have been too bright through the west-facing window and a back-lit silhouette photo booth is an idea for a different kind of party (Victorian maybe?).  I fumbled my way through making tissue paper fan-type flowers.  By the time I made the last one I finally figured out how to make it work.  Oh well.  The felt clouds are left over from a frog-themed baby shower I decorated a couple of years ago.  And the wings are just a dollar store sheet of poster board that I cut out and painted tiny silver flowers on.  I wanted a polka-dot look, but a little more interesting.  I love how the whole backdrop turned out.

I think we had exactly the right group of girls for this photo boot idea to work.  A couple of them were a little shy, but still enjoyed it.  The rest just loved the idea and probably could have spent an hour posing and swapping accessories.

Throughout the party, there was lots of hugging.

This is the second fairy-themed birthday party we've done.  You can check out the first here.


  1. Lovely party pics! I'll be borrowing the make your own fairy wand idea for my daughter's upcoming 4 year old rainbow magic themed bday. Thanks!

  2. I love these ideas! My daughter is having a rainbow fairy magic party this Saturday. If you don't mind sharing I would love to see the fairy story page. That's a great idea and a little break from the other crafts. Thanks!!! I'd be happy to show you the album of party details afterwards.

    You can reach me at:
    kmikulis at gmail dot com


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