Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fall is Coming - Oh dear.

I was taking photos of my son's birthday party games, and this sunflower was right next to my face.
 I turned to take a picture, and this bee turned up!

I find it very hard to believe that summer is over (before my kids were in school, summer lasted until the official first day of it ends when school starts).  How can it be over when I have only checked one little thing off my summer fun to do list? (Raspberry picking.  It was so much fun, as usual!)

As I wait for school to start, I can't help but feel overwhelmed at all the stuff that I have to do in the next three months.

  1. My son starts Kindergarten.  That alone breaks up my day, since I have to go to the school three times instead of two.  My daughter is beginning grade two, and without her BFF, who she's been in the same class with for the past two years.
  2. My next editing contract begins.  I took the summer off, so now I'm back to work.
  3. I am determined to finish the novel I'm writing.  I am 31 years old, and have been trying to write a novel since I was 8.  I can do it, right?  Lucky for me, I have a cheerleader, a new friend who is a positively brilliant writer and will soon have her first book published.  I can't WAIT to tell you all about it.  She has been a wonderful encouragement to me.
  4. I have to get fit.  That involves walking and boxing.  The boxing will likely take up my new-found time to myself while my son is in Kindergarten, at least Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Unless I go in the evenings.  Which would take a lot of organisation on my part, to either be done with supper early, or have it cooking in the slow cooker while I go at 4:00.  I'll be walking to and from school as much as possible three times per day, which I'm quite looking forward to (as long as I don't think about the inevitable -30 days that are coming).  I walked every day when we were on vacation, and did not have any headaches.
  5. On top of all this, I signed up for a free university course on the writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It should be fun, but I may have to drop it if things get too stressful or I fall behind.  My family comes first, after all.

In order to do all this, I need to get my housekeeping sorted.  I'll probably try again with the same system as I had last year, reserving one weekday for each main thing (Monday for cleaning, Tuesday for editing, Wednesday for writing, etc.)

Wish me luck?  I am a little bit (ok, a lot) stressed out about all this.  Thank heavens soccer season isn't until the spring!

What are your plans for the fall?

PS: Let me know if anything in the new layout doesn't work for you.


  1. 1) Beautiful header and blog design! Really like it :)
    2) Thank you SO much for the link to my blog! And for being my writing inspiration / cheerleader / all around encouragement coach.

    I totally get what you're saying. Between kids and general house keeping, cooking, cleaning, etc, it becomes very difficult to fit anything else in. I suppose the best we can do it take it one day at a time. Having long term goals is great (you list some great ones, by the way), but to just focus on what we can realistically do today.

    1. So far this week I've been focusing on one day at a time. Haven't done any writing though. But tomorrow I get to stay home most of the day, so we'll see how it goes. Can't wait to get together on Saturday!


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