Thursday, 2 October 2014

Vintage Wooden Sign Tutorial

One of my dear friends had her second baby boy last week.  Since I made a sign for his big brother, I figured baby Riley needed one too!  I absolutely love how this one turned out!  And it didn't require purchasing anything at all...not even paint.  I had everything I needed, right down to the lemon ("Lemon?" you ask. Read on!) This is how I made it.

Step 1: Obtain a piece of raw wood.  In my case, it was an oval plaque that I think my mom gave me 12 years ago. Or something like that.

Step 2: Paint.  I used homemade milk paint (that's where the lemon comes in).  Let the paint dry.  No need to let it cure for two years like I did.

Step 3: Create your text on Pic Monkey or something similar and print it in an appropriate size.  Mine looked like this:
And ended up the perfect size for my little oval.

Step 4: Scribble on the back of the paper with a pencil. Lay the sheet pencil-side-down on your wood piece, then trace each letter with a pen.

Step 5: Outline and fill in the letters with a black sharpie.

Step 6: Rub on a coat of homemade furniture wax.  I did this before antiquing, because the milk paint is completely water soluable and would have been ruined.

Step 7: After a suitable amount of time (5 minutes in my case...I was running short on time), buff off the excess wax.

Step 8: Mix some brown paint with water to make a glaze, paint it on your piece, and rub off immediately.  I just used the same cloth I buffed the wax with.  To get a bit more of the stain off, and wear the letters down a bit, I dampened a corner of the cloth.

Step 9: Staple a ribbon on the back or otherwise attach a hanging device.

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