Saturday, 20 December 2014

Easy Christmas Memory Making

1. Have a snowflake-cutting party.

Items needed: Coffee filters (I used the smaller ones), scissors, and imagination.  This happened quite spontaneously at my house one day.  My friend was over for tea, with her four kids.  My daughter had spent a previous evening googling snowflake cutting patterns and cutting snowflakes, so I thought she and her BFF would like to cut a few together.  I gave them each a pair of scissors, and taught them how to fold for six points.  Before we knew it, all six kids, were blissfully snipping away around the table.  Making a big mess, but having a great time.  I only had four pairs of scissors, which they all shared, and the two moms were kept busy folding for the littler ones.  We went through half a pack of coffee filters Then we taped them all to our windows.

2. Wake the kids up with Christmas music.

I've been doing this all December.  I pick a station on Songza, turn it up, then go upstairs to wake up the kids.

3. Let them bake.

These pretzel kisses/hugs are so easy, and my kids (aged 7 and 5) did all the work except for getting them in and out of the oven  I also substituted the smarties on some with Skor pieces.  My daughter excitedly said, "Can we make these cookies every year?"

4. Snuggle up by the Christmas tree and read Christmas stories.

I actually haven't done this, my friend did.  Her kids fell asleep by the tree while their Daddy read to them.  What a sweet memory!  I must do this sometime in the next five days before The Day.

I'd love to hear some of your favourite ways to make memories with your kids during the holidays.

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