Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thoughts on Clothes Shopping and Target Canada's Closing

Target recently announced that they are closing their Canadian stores. My first reaction when I heard was, "Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!"  I love Target. It's like the posh Walmart. They earned my undying loyalty with my $60 wool 7x10 rug. Plus, a big percentage of my clothing is from Target. Where am I supposed to buy my underwear now?

But maybe I should take this as a sign to buy less, but better quality. Maybe instead of buying whatever looks cute, I should instead shop with a plan. Actually try things on in the store. Make sure they fit.

I've been scared to commit to quality clothing, because I don't like the shape of my body. Or the way clothes fit me. Instead of having child-bearing  hips, I have flat boyish hips and a child-bearing tummy. I don't believe clothing is made to fit me, as I am, right now. This insecurity makes me hide in whatever cute, oversized sweater Target happens to have on sale that week that looks good with leggings or old navy skinny jeans.

But the trouble with making a resolution to buy better quality clothing is this: I have no idea where to shop. I don't know what is available between Target prices and Anthropologie prices. And is the expensive stuff even worth the money or is the price inflated just because of the brand?

I've purchased supposed brand name clothing before. The Kismet sweater has a faulty zipper. The amazingly-soft Roxy hoodie pilled horribly after one wash. The Bench jacket has no lining and some other questionable design issues. And what is with all the "hand wash" and "dry clean only", eh Marshalls?

My other issue, beyond price, is style. It seems that all the stores selling styles I would like to wear make their clothes for flat-chested teenagers. Where is a busty girl supposed to get a flattering, non-matronly dress that doesn't have a waistline six inches too high (which leads to congratulations on my non-existent pregnancy)? Or a shirt that "the girls"won't fall out of every time I bend over and I can actually wear to church without yanking the neckline up every five minutes?

So what do I do?  If you're 30-something and into fashion on a buget, where do you shop?  


  1. If you can commit to turning into a gal who will TRY IT ON, consignment. Seriously, my entire wardrobe is designer, high end and totally second hand. No one ever believes me. But you must learn what design houses fit you, try everything on (even if you are skeptical it will look good on your body type - you never ever know) and you must adhere to the price point MUST be at least 50% less than you would buy it new. Works for me and my coworkers call me the Clothes Horse but I swear I spend 1/2 of what they do.

  2. AHHHHH! I'm going to miss Target! Makes me want to go there NOW and see if they have any wicked sales before the close up shop. I've bought the cutest things for my house. Pottery Barn look without the Pottery Barn prices. Me likey. And I so HEAR YA on the big girls/belly weight combo. Although, I'm not sure that it's a bad thing to live in leggings and baggy sweaters. It's a fashion trend right now. I say if you feel good in it, go with it! I have bought a lot less and kept a lot more since I started trying things on in store. Definitely helps me weed out the "Oh that looked cute on the hanger, but SO not cute on me" scenarios.


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